“Some days teach you, some days treat you”

“Some days teach you, some days treat you.” That’s how Trey summed up our day Saturday.

It had been a while since any of us had made a trip anywhere to fish. We saw what the weather was supposed to be doing on Saturday and felt it was time to get back. We headed out early-ish to cloudy skies and a little bit of wind. We were the only guys at the launch and that was kind of an omen. We had heard from the guys at the launch that with all the cold weather, there had been a bit of a fish-kill. I had read a report earlier in the week saying there had been a lot of dead fish spotted too. It had me a bit worried.

We spent the majority of the morning waiting for the Sun to break through the cloud cover, hoping that it would warm the water up when it did. And though the water was clear, we didn’t even see baitfish until around 11-12pm. We split up eventually and covered a lot of water but never once spotted a red. We located a few drops early in the day but never had any indication of a nibble.

All in all, another one of Trey’s outlooks at the end of the day, “Point Aux Chenes; all the fish are dead!”

Here some pics from the skunkfest…12421408203_bf2b1c7874_h 12421314475_a297727256_h 12421418253_76b0dd53c1_h 12421279915_168d07cc3f_h 12421291585_12040755fa_h

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