2014: Recap

Time to recap 2014, and while it doesn’t seem very eventful when I think back, I know that significant events happened. This will be brief, and mostly photos:

January:Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 3.15.10 PM

The year started off with a quick trip that Karl and I made to Isle De Jean Charles. It was cold and I was sick with stomach issues. But these two fish still made the day better.

February:12421279915_168d07cc3f_h 12421314475_a297727256_h

Again, at Isle De Jean Charles with Karl and Trey, though this trip was not near as productive. With freezing temperatures the previous few days, fish were hard to find! “Some days treat you, some days teach you”


Yet again, Isle De Jean Charles. This time with Karl and Mark. I brought in one red that day, that we had Mark pose with because he still hadn’t caught a red in a kayak (and still hasn’t).

Aprilbayouyakkin_bg-2014.jpg IMG_3317

The trips started picking up in April. With the cold weather starting to back off, the warmth was very welcoming. I hit Grand Avoille Cove with Mark and Andrew. It was a good fun trip with lots of sunfish. Always fun!IMG_3370 IMG_3376

Then Karl and I made a midweek trip that gave up this 25″ red.IMG_3385 Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 7.47.57 PM

I took my sister, Anna, out on her first kayaking trip, and then caught this baby bull red on the last trip of the month!

Maypack_paddle_front_w_sign1yak staff logo Color

Though we did make a few trips in May, the big news was getting a new job at Pack & Paddle and being offered a regional pro staff spot with YakAngler.com!


I became a dad!

JulyIMG_3843 IMG_3883 IMG_3962

I focused a little bit more of freshwater in July. Taking trips with Karl and Elton in a bass boat, to catching bass on frogs in the kayak!



I also joined the FINS Braided Line Team in July!

AugustIMG_4042 IMG_4142 IMG_4163


More redfish trips in August, one of which claimed my prescription glasses. I have now welcomed contacts to my life!




IMG_0253 IMG_0262


I finally got my new Cuda in October and immediately took it to Cypremort Point where Andrew and I loaded up on trout! Then I had my most productive redfish trip at the end of the month!IMG_1428 IMG_1440 IMG_1448

I also helped lead/guide a trip for the first time out for Pack & Paddle. It was a pretty successful day!IMG_1481 IMG_1484BLAF Round

And lastly, I became a team member with Breathe Like A Fish performance shirts in October!

NovemberIMG_1613 IMG_1616

I made my first trip out west with friends; Scott, Stephen, and John. West Louisiana, that is! It was supposed to be a trout trip but due to unexpected winds, we ended up tucking into the marsh and catching reds instead.

DecemberIMG_1690 IMG_1717 IMG_1718 IMG_1721 Gopro still1It was a warm December which allowed for great fishing!

I have a small set of goals to reach in 2015. I’ll leave those to myself for now, but I’m hoping to catch many more species than just redfish!

Now, here’s to 2014, but to looking ahead to what’s coming in 2015!

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