Black and Red All Over

I’m about a week late with this post, but better late than never, I guess…

When the opportunity to head out and fish presents itself, one of the questions that always comes up is where to fish, and secondly, who to fish with. Being off of work for a day during the week is a great thing because it gives me time on the water with less boat traffic. The bad part about midweek trips is that most of the time I’m fishing by myself.

Quick tip: It’s good practice, and just plain smart, that if you’re fishing solo that you (#1) leave a float plan or just tell someone where you’ll be fishing. If the plan changes, keep them informed. And (#2) stick close to areas that you’re decently familiar with.

After calling a few friends to see if anyone would join me to fish someplace new and finding that they were all working, I went off of a tip from one of them and decided to fish a new area near one of my regular put-ins. I had been scouting this area on Google Earth and was waiting for the right day to actually explore it.

The approximate location was on Hwy 56, which runs all the way down to Cocodrie from Houma.

The area that was suggested to me to investigate looked like solid ground on the satellite imagery, but when I got there I found a lot more water. The marsh grass was not thick at all and the high-tide had flooded it. Redfish and black drum were cruising in the flooded grass and crashing on the crustaceans. The water was pretty murky so I decided to throw a darker colored shrimp plastic.

As I arrived at the spot and stood up to get a look around, I saw a wake going through some of the flooded grass to my far right. I made a cast out to the red back cruising through the grass and within seconds had a nice redfish on. Fighting him for a few minutes and letting him pull me and my Cuda 14 around, he soon tired out and I caught, tagged, and released him. He was about 29″ long.




As I was working the area, the black drum were everywhere. I’d often hear blow-ups near some of the thicker patches of grass only to find black drum hanging around. Eventually, I caught one on a blind cast!


Continuing on, I spooked a few bull reds that were hanging out near a small drop-off. At one point there was one just sitting in front of my kayak and as I went to make a cast, another one spooked from behind him and they both took off. I made a desperation cast in the area I saw him swim to and felt nothing. As I’m quickly pulling the lure back to me, the first bull is chasing the lure! Unfortunately, he got sight of me pretty quickly and took off once and for all.

I hooked onto a few more redfish but they’d only stay hooked for a short few minutes and then the lure would fly back at me. After a few times of this happening I was getting pretty frustrated. I continued on and saw another black drum lurking around. Pitching my lure to him, I was able to get him following it. He took it without me feeling it, but the fight was still on!




I didn’t measure either black drum and both were released.

I kept making a loop and making casts when I’d notice fish. After chasing a few bull reds around and losing them, I finally saw a nice red prowling the ledge where I’d seen the bull earlier. I got a great cast off to him and he hammered it! He was smaller than the first but the fight didn’t disappoint.







Again, a few more lost fish and it was time to head back.

It’s always good when you go to explore a new spot and it works out with some nice fish!

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