Louisiana Hooked: Pack & Paddle Guided Fishing Trip – 3/10/19

I had the pleasure of helping guide another kayak fishing trip for Pack & Paddle, which was held out of Point Aux Chenes at PAC Kayak Rentals. I CANNOT stress it enough, If you’ve never visited PAC Kayak Rentals, you’re missing out. It’s likely THE BEST kayak fishing centered location in the U.S. From the put-ins to the accommodations, from the hospitality to the actual fishing. If you’re a kayak angler and are visiting Louisiana, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you do not visit Eddie, Lisa, and the rest of the crew.

Anyway, I arrived in PAC the night before the trip to insure that I’d be there in time & not having to leave my house at 4am. Upon arriving, I met another angler, Rick, down at the fishing pier. He was casting his fly rod and catching small reds and trout on a brown Clouser. I threw around a Buggs Click-bait Shrimp for a bit with a few reds falling for it. A nice way to start the overnight stay.


I woke up the next morning in total darkness. No marina lights at all. One of the campers had an external light working which we all gathered around to welcome the morning. Turns out, someone ran into a telephone pole up the road and knocked power out to all of Pointe Aux Chenes.

As the sun came up, my co-guide, Mat, arrived and we began getting things ready for the trips. Mat’s group would be fishing the marsh out of the marina, while my group boarded Eddie’s mothership and headed out into the marsh. I did a little trash talking (unusual for me) before leaving, which I immediately felt I may have regretted. Haha!

The mothership ride out was nice. It was a beautiful morning, and we all know how badly we needed some good days!

Eddie dropped off myself and my group just off of Grand Bayou in a section of marsh that Eddie refers to as “The Green Mile”. My group consisted of Jennifer, her son Kyle, and Josef, a student at LSU. I got everyone immediately started using different lures. Kyle caught a keeper trout immediately on topwater, and Jennifer hooked up soon after, but the fish got away. Josef caught his red a little afterword as well.


As we continued on, a thick fog covered the area. It was both beautiful and kind of eerie. We hugged the bank on the edge of an open lake and I noticed tails right along the grassline, which I tried to get Jennifer in position to cast to, but I’d lose sight of them quickly in the fog.


We soon entered back into the marsh, where everyone started getting bites. Jennifer landed one first, and soon after so did Kyle. As I was reaching for Kyle’s redfish to put in my cooler, the fish did a quick thrash and slipped from my hands. I felt so bad for losing his fish, though he did land a few more and some trout!


We kept exploring this section of marsh, working our way back to the pick-up point. It was here that we came to an old weir. By this point it was midday, so I had them throwing a mix of market bait and Gulp. Jennifer hooked up on a red but her line broke right away. The breakage occurred above the cork, so we circled it to try and hand-land this fish. He kept slipping past us. So, while sprawled across the nose of my Outback, I glided up to the cork and as soon as the cork went under ( from the fish running), I reached down and was able to grab the line. It ended up being around 17″, which was fine for the table!

After that bit of excitement, and a few more hooked and lost fish, Eddie picked us up and we headed back for the launch!

Mat’s group did well too, catching reds and some really nice sheepsheads. We ended the day with our group photo.


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