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If you’d like to reach me outside the blog, the best way is by email! Feel free to drop me a line!


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  1. How you doing !
    I’m from Boston and we’re planning on visiting Bayou state around Dec end.
    I’ll be in New Orleans for couple of days and thereafter planning on spending some time fishn’ your local waters… Is there good fishing around Dec/early Jan? Any good areas to fish? Ready to travel 2 hrs from NO. Any help appreciated ! Are there any kayak rentals for red fish or sea trout? Will be travelling with a fly rod.

    • December can actually offer some of the best fishing of the year! The north winds push water out of the marsh, cleaning the water and creating better shallow-water sight-fishing environments. Pointe Aux Chenes is without a doubt my favorite location in the winter months. It’s located about 2 hours southwest of New Orleans, near the city of Houma. In the late fall/early winter, you can catch a lot of fish in that region.

      As far as kayak rentals go, I don’t know of anything definite around the New Orleans area. If you were to make the drive to Pointe Aux Chenes, I’m not sure of the availability of something down there either. The retailer that I work for, Pack & Paddle, does rent fishing kayaks that you’d be able to take down there, but they’re located in Lafayette.

      Shoot me an email at, and we can further discuss this.

    • It depends on which way the wind is blowing. If it’s coming out of the west and is a hard wind (for a kayak, anything above 15 mph is a frustration), then you’ll want to find a bank that shields you from the wind. With the amount of marsh around Grand Isle, it should never be hard to find the appropriate protection.

  2. thanks for your reports. I’m new to this sport and like a sponge soaking up what information i can dig up….again awesome page

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